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  • Don't forget Team Members must complete the minimum requirements of ADC Summer Participation each summer in order to be eligible for the next season.

2023: Summer Information - CLICK HERE

2023: June Dance Series [June 12 - 27]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 17 - 20]

2024: June Dance Series [June 10 - 25]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 15 - 18]

Audition Tips

Quick Audition Tips


Dancers and parents need to complete the Dancer Audition Form prior to auditioning. It is important that you have read through the general information & accurately select the maximum number of routines we can place you in.

AUDITION sign-up

No need to sign-up this year. Just be sure to fill

out an audition form prior to coming to the studio and show up to your designated audition

time slot. 


Dancers should bring (1) small bag with a screw-top water bottle and will only need Jazz & Ballet shoes for the audition.

Dancers should arrive already dressed in their appropriate class level Leotard & Tights with cover-ups over their base. Hair should be pulled back and off the face. (Buns or braids are preferred)



  • Keep your number pinned to the front of  your leotard

  • You will NOT have to prepare any choreography in advance. All material will be shown during the audition.

  • Stay focused and do not talk to other dancers.

  • Smile the whole time - be proud. Shine!

  • Be prepared to show off any special skills. There will be a 'Free Pass' section where you'll have the opportunity to showcase any tricks or tumbling skills. 

  • Make sure when completing any pass or combo to hold any poses and allow the judges time to see your number. 

Team Info

Team General Info

Initial Team Info (2023-2024)

All students in classes Primary 2-3 and up are encouraged to audition. Dancers must be a registered student with the Academy or planning to register. Teams members are divided into companies & colors according to ability, age, maturity, artistic expression, skill levels, and what will best meet the needs of the overall team.

►Each Team Member (designated by specific Team/Company Name) is required to take a minimum set of of established performance/technique classes throughout the duration of the dance year.

[Please see the separate ‘Class Requirements’ Sheet - CLICK HERE] 


Companies have a separate discounted 'Competition Technique-Rehearsal Class' added to their regular dance schedule once a week.  (The format of the Competition Technique-Rehearsal class will vary from week to week depending on the time of the year and what skills and/or routines need additional practice)

The ‘Celebrity’ Team competes in a minimum of 2 to 3 separate competitions which occur in late Winter/early Spring. Once competitions release all of their venue dates, the team’s competition selections will be announced. (This generally occurs in November each year) Possible cities for consideration include: Columbus, Auburn, Montgomery, and the surrounding Atlanta areas.

Depending on the amount of routines a Team Member is competing in, members are responsible for:

 --Separate Competition Costumes -

-Entry Fees 

--If needed, Transportation & Hotel arrangements for selected venues

--(1) Flat Choreography/Participation Team Fee for All Team Members due by the first Saturday Rehearsal.


After a full season on the team, dancers are responsible for completing the minimum ADC Summer Dance participation requirements in order to be eligible for placement on the next season’s team. 

2023 - Current Summer Information - CLICK HERE

2023 - June Dance Series [June 12 - 27] & July Dance Intensive [July 17 - 20]

2024 - June Dance Series [June 10 - 25]  &  July Dance Intensive [July 15 - 18]

The Information listed above only provides a glimpse of the overall guidelines for the Competition Team. For additional information, please contact the Academy Office (706)561-8085 to receive a current Competition Handbook or any informational pamphlets that have been emailed. 

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