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Competition Team - Quick Links

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This team is a great opportunity for dancers with a passion for dance who want to experience competitive dance but are unable to make a heavy time or financial commitment. Encouraged for dancers ages 6 - 11 years old.

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This team is for the serious dancer who is dedicated to more rehearsal time and financial commitment. Their dance training in multiple styles is a top priority. Encouraged for dancers ages 6 - 18 years old. 

Audition Tips
Team Info

For New Dancers/Team Members auditioning on Saturday, June 8:
Once the results are emailed, New Elite Team Members must complete a minimum of (6) Competition Technique Classes for the current June/July 2024 Summer.
--Competition Technique Classes run June 10 through July 26. CLICK HERE for the detailed Summer Calendar with days/times for classes.
--Summer Tuition - CLICK HERE.


  • Don't forget Team Members must complete the minimum requirements of ADC Summer Participation each summer in order to be eligible for the next season.

2024: Summer Information - CLICK HERE

2025: June Dance Series [June 9 - 24]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 14 - 17]

2026: June Dance Series [June 15 - 30]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 20 - 23]

Audition Tips

Quick Audition Tips


Dancers and parents need to complete the Dancer Audition Form prior to auditioning. It is important that you have read through the general information & accurately select the maximum number of routines we can place you in.

AUDITION sign-up

Be sure to fill out an audition form prior to coming to the studio and show up to your designated audition

time slot. 


Dancers should bring (1) small bag with a screw-top water bottle and will only need Jazz & Ballet shoes for the audition.

Dancers should arrive already dressed in their appropriate class level Leotard & Tights with cover-ups over their base. Hair should be pulled back and off the face. (Buns or braids are preferred)



  • Keep your number pinned to the front of  your leotard

  • You will NOT have to prepare any choreography in advance. All material will be shown during the audition.

  • Stay focused and do not talk to other dancers.

  • Smile the whole time - be proud. Shine!

  • Be prepared to show off any special skills. There will be a 'Free Pass' section where you'll have the opportunity to showcase any tricks or tumbling skills. 

  • Make sure when completing any pass or combo to hold any poses and allow the judges time to see your number. 

Team General Info

General Info
Initial Team Info (2024-2025)

All students in classes Primary 2-3 and up are encouraged to audition. Dancers must be a registered student with the Academy or planning to register. Teams members are divided into companies & colors according to ability, age, maturity, artistic expression, skill levels, and what will best meet the needs of the overall team.

►Each Team Member (designated by specific Team/Company Name) is required to take a minimum set of of established performance/technique classes throughout the duration of the dance year.

[Please see the separate ‘Class Requirements’ Sheet - CLICK HERE] 


Companies have a separate discounted 'Competition Technique-Rehearsal Class' added to their regular dance schedule once a week.  (The format of the Competition Technique-Rehearsal class will vary from week to week depending on the time of the year and what skills and/or routines need additional practice)

The Elite Team competes in a minimum of 2 to 3 separate competitions which occur in late Winter/early Spring. Once competitions release all of their venue dates, the team’s competition selections will be announced. (This generally occurs in November each year) Possible cities for consideration include: Columbus, Auburn, Montgomery, and the surrounding Atlanta areas.

Depending on the amount of routines a Team Member is competing in, members are responsible for:

 --Separate Competition Costumes 

--Entry Fees 

--If needed, Transportation & Hotel arrangements for selected venues

--(1) Flat Choreography/Participation Team Fee for All Team Members due by the first Saturday Rehearsal.


After a full season on the team, dancers are responsible for completing the minimum ADC Summer Dance participation requirements in order to be eligible for placement on the next season’s team. 

2024 - Current Summer Information - CLICK HERE

2025 - June Dance Series [June 9 - 24] & July Dance Intensive [July 14 - 17]

2026 - June Dance Series [June 15 - 30]  &  July Dance Intensive [July 20 - 23]

The Information listed above only provides a glimpse of the overall guidelines for the Competition Team. For additional information, please contact the Academy Office (706)561-8085 to receive a current Competition Handbook or any informational pamphlets that have been emailed. 

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