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Academy Leotards & Accessories

A special leotard is available for purchase through the studio. Different styles for different age groups are available. We do require this specialized uniform so everyone will be properly dressed.

These leotards are available at less than retail price and therefore a savings to everyone.

Other merchandise, including tights, tanktops, and Academy Logo shirts will be available in the office for purchase.

Dress Code Requirements

*Please use top and bottom cover-ups when in dance wear outside of the dance studio.


*Hair should be tightly secured and styled away from the face; a neat bun is preferred for Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen and Senior classes. Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn in class.


*No visible undergarments, only black sports bras permitted.


*Hip Hop ONLY: Jazz pants, sweat pants, or jazz shorts with tights are allowed. Academy tank tops can also be worn.


Absolutely NO T-shirts or bulky warm-ups are to be worn in any class.

Dance Shoes

Placement Method

ALL students are placed at a certain level according to their experience. The instructor then observes the student’s ability for the first 3 to 4 weeks. After this “tryout” period of time, the instructor will make the decision whether the child needs to be changed to a different level (either forward or back) strictly according to the student’s ability and not the student’s age.

Holidays & Severe Weather

Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break holidays will be observed according to the dates set by Muscogee County School System (MCSS). Winter Break will vary each year, please check the studio calendar for Winter Holiday dates. Classes will be held on teacher planning days and other one day holidays. In the event that the MCSS closes due to severe weather (tornado/snow), all classes that day are canceled. Please call the studio.

Make-Up Classes

Make-up classes are available through an arrangement with the class instructor and are strongly encouraged if a class is missed.

Summer Dance Events

Our summer dance programs offer diverse training in a variety of dance styles. These programs continue our dancers’ training and feature guest faculty with impressive resumes in dance. For our younger dancers, we provide fun and educational themed camps with dance instruction, crafts, and much more.

Carte Blanche

By paying one flat fee per quarter the student is entitled to take as many classes as they can fit into their schedule. This is a bargain since all classes except tumbling classes and the advanced ones are open to carte blanche students. One must have permission to attend advanced sessions.

Private Lessons

Private instruction is available for $50.00 an hour, $25.00 a half-hour. Arrangements can be made with the instructors at the convenience of both parties. Small group lessons can also be arranged.

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Class Attendance

The Academy urges all parents to observe our rules concerning faithful attendance. A child who is continually absent cannot function properly in class. Please call us (706-561-8085) or  email if your child is sick, you are out of town or for any other reason an absence is necessary. No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes. Make-up classes are available for students that miss their scheduled class time. If you want your child to progress, good attendance is very important.  Good attendance is especially important from January to May as we will be working on Spring Production pieces.

Email & Announcements

Academy Email Address:

The Academy uses e-mail to announce important information. Please provide us with an updated parent’s e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address it is your responsibility to check our bulletin boards for copies of our e-mails regarding important dates and information. Please check your email regularly and REMOVE from your spam blocker. Within the first 2 weeks of classes, please contact the Office if you do not receive an email from the Academy.

Punctuality/Drop Off & Pick Up

Unless your child drives a car, it is the parent’s responsibility to have their child at class on time. All class time is valuable and every minute is a learning experience, so please be punctual. Students should not be brought to the studio more than 10 minutes before their class and should be picked up immediately after class. Prompt pick up is especially important for the last class time of each night. Young children waiting on dancers should be supervised by the parent in charge and should remain in the front lobby. Do not leave your car unattended in the pickup line. When pulling into the studio parking lot, please follow the yellow arrows to ease traffic flow. 

There is additional parking in the rear of the building; please do not block the side driveway. 

Visitors Weeks

During these weeks ONLY visitors are invited to sit in the studio. To prevent distractions, doors will otherwise be closed. Though parents’ intentions are undoubtedly good, a parent in the classroom distracts the student’s attention from the instructor. Our faculty has the best interest of each child in mind and we kindly ask you to trust and respect our decisions.

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Holiday Production

Every August placement auditions will take place for our (optional) annual Holiday themed production for ages 6 and up. Featured dance styles include a diverse mix of dance training techniques represented at the Academy and provide another outlet to showcase our dancers’ talents. Performances will occur in December and participants will rehearse on the weekends from August through December.

A Participation-Costume Rental Fee of $100 and minimum ticket purchase of (4) tickets at $20 each is required to participate. Information and theme announcement will be released during July each year.

Annual Spring (May) Production

All Academy registered ‘SHOW’ Classes finish the dance season with our unique Spring Production in May.

Plans are already underway for the best dance show ever. The RiverCenter is ready for us to occupy its stage in May (2 rehearsals and 2-3 performances). Students are not required to participate, however, all dance students must notify the studio before the winter holiday break if they do not intend to be in the show. After that time, we strongly encourage your commitment to participate throughout the remaining portion of the year.

If a student is absent in the Spring for an extended period of time, without notification, they will forfeit participation due to the amount of show material & class time rehearsals missed. 

Jazz & Hip Hop Sections

Specific Jazz Classes will be selected to perform their routines in our separate ‘themed’ Jazz Section. Also, specific Hip Hop Classes will be invited to participate in a ‘special’ Hip Hop Finale that is integrated into our Spring Production. (Class selections for participation will vary each year) Jazz and Hip Hop students electing to perform in the extra portions (outside of their regular class routines) of the Jazz/Hip Hop Productions must be prepared to rehearse these extra dance numbers from Mid-February until the performance dates. A practice schedule of mandatory rehearsals will be released prior to Winter Holiday break. The Saturday at the end of Spring Break Holiday Week will not be included in rehearsals.

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