All Academy registered ‘SHOW’ classes finish the dance season with our unique end-of-year production.

   Tentative dates for the 2021 year-end production are May 13 - 16   

Please note that dates are subject to change and the season could extend to June. Circumstances such as changes with the current pandemic,

state-wide closures, and theatre mandates & protocols may impact future dates which are out of our control. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this season.

The Academy is already making plans for the best year-end show ever. Students will perform at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts and depending on class level, will have 2 rehearsals (Thur./Fri.) and 2 Performances (Sat./Sun.). Students are not required to participate, however, all dance students must notify the studio by January 18, 2021 if they do not intend to be in the show or not participating in a specific class style routine.

Please visit the ‘Show Participation’ page to facilitate with notification and any changes. The Academy automatically assumes that a student is performing in the annual year-end production & dancing in all enrolled routines, unless notified by the submission of the ‘Show Participation’ Form.


➔  After returning from Winter Break, we strongly encourage your commitment to participate throughout the remaining portion of the dance season. Just like a sports team, a student’s fellow dancers work together as a unit to accomplish a goal (ie. dance routine)and each dancer/routine is dependent on each other once choreography begins for consistency & completion.

Please note: If a student is absent (in-person or virtual) during the spring season for an extended period of time, without prior notification, they will forfeit participation due to the amount of show material & class time rehearsals missed.  

          To view 2020 Year-End Production Highlights - 

jazz & hip hop sections

Specific Jazz classes will be selected to perform their routines in our separate ‘themed’ Jazz Section.

Also, specific Hip Hop classes will be invited to participate in a ‘special’ Hip Hop Finale that is

integrated into our Year-End Production. (Class selections for participation will vary each year) Jazz & Hip Hop students electing to perform in the extra portions (outside of their regular class routines) of the Jazz/Hip Hop Productions must be prepared to rehearse these extra dance numbers from approx. mid-February until the performance Dates. (Rehearsal options will include in-person and virtual). A practice schedule of mandatory rehearsals will be released prior to Winter Break. The Saturday at the end of Spring Break Holiday Week will not be included in rehearsals.

Costumes & Fees

Each child participating in the Year-End Production will be responsible for purchasing a costume for each dance style/routine in which he or she participates.

These prices include most accessories, shipping & handling, & Georgia sales tax.

► For information concerning specific costume fees, please contact the Academy Office (706) 561-8085.

Costumes for this season will be ordered in late January/early February, so they must be paid for in advance.

After January 30, 2021 costume fees are non-refundable, regardless of the reason.

Costume Billing

Costume charges will be posted to main account holders in December. Payments may be made in full or in partial sums during the first & second quarter. Final balances must be paid by Saturday, January 30 for a costume to be ordered. Thank you for your understanding of this policy as there are no exceptions. 

⇒ After February 1, any special case costumes or add-on class costumes will be charged an additional $10.00 to the prices above for expedited shipping & handling to ensure prompt arrival for the show.

⇒ If a student(s) for any reason (including change in performance date, moving, etc.) decides not to perform in the Year-End Production after costumes have been ordered (Jan. 30, 2021), costume payments are NONREFUNDABLE and the tangible costume(s) are still yours to do with as you wish. Arrangements may be made through the Office to pick-up your costume(s) after the Production weekend has been completed.

Minimum Ticket Purchase Policy

If a student elects to be in our annual Year-End Production, each family regardless of the number of children participating from the family, will be responsible for the purchase of a minimum of (5) tickets at $23.00 each. These tickets can be resold or given to friends and relatives. Ticket bills will be sent March 1st with payment due in April (before Costume Pick-Up). Extra advance tickets can be purchased through the office.

►  This policy helps to ensure the rental of the RiverCenter Theatre and assists with the numerous costs associated with our professional Year-End Production.


In the event that a format change might occur to our production, where audience size is drastically limited or routines are only performed for live stream/video recording services, the above ‘Minimum Ticket Policy’ will be substituted for a Participation-Production Fee. This fee of $65.00 per family will include free live streaming options and must be paid for the student to receive their costumes & perform.

Account holders can not replace the Participation Fee for the Minimum Ticket Purchase Policy during a regular performance season. Unless announced and billed accordingly, the ‘Minimum Ticket Purchase Policy’ is in full effect.

Production Souvenirs

Optional souvenirs and other ADC apparel items are available for purchase throughout the year. During the spring, ‘themed show souvenirs’ help us defray the cost of our elaborate annual production.

Some items for purchase include: Production T-Shirts, DVDs, Individual Pictures, Trophies, & Flowers.

These items are not mandatory to buy.