Registration Fee

A $40.00 non-refundable registration fee per student is required once a year. Please add this

 amount to the tuition below. To begin classes the Registration Fee is due upon registration.


The price of tuition is based on an average of classes for the entire dance season (2020-2021) [not per class or week] and is the same each month (see Quarter 1 exception), including those shortened by Holidays/closures or student absences.

Drop-In rate (Per Class) [Virtual or In-Person] ..........................$16.00

2nd Child in Family: subtract $8.00 off monthly tuition

3rd Child or More in Family: subtract $10.00 off monthly tuition

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard) & eCheck

Academy Pro

(formerly Carte Blanche)

Formerly named Carte Blanche, Academy Pro is for the more serious students who are truly invested in their dance education and time at the Academy. By paying one flat fee per month/quarter the student is entitled to take as many classes as they can fit into their schedule. Besides our additional styles of dance (hip hop, musical theatre, etc.) students may take additional core classes at their level or below in core classes (ballet, tap, jazz). Students must still register for any additional classes through the Office for scheduling and class size availability. This is a bargain since all classes except competition and those above their level are open to Academy Pro students.

Make-Up Classes

(In-Person or Virtual)

Make-up classes are available through arrangement with the Office and are strongly encouraged if a class is missed. Students can attend any other available class in-person or virtually at their level or belowSpecial virtual combined level Make-up classes may be offered for studio or state-wide shutdowns related to the pandemic (prior notification will be sent through email).

Billing Policies

We do not send out monthly statements.

All charges & tuition are posted to each family’s online portal account.








Quarterly Schedule Breakdown


Quarter 1 (Months 1-3): *Sept.-Oct.-Nov.

Quarter 2 (Months 4-6): Dec.-Jan.-Feb.

Quarter 3 (Months 7-9): Mar.-Apr.-May

*Quarter 1 - Exception (September)

*Although September is included in the Quarterly Breakdown above, accounts will only be charged for HALF the month of September. As a measure of goodwill & allow time for students to acclimate to the start of the season, regular monthly billing will begin with the month of October. For students to be actively enrolled, the annual Registration Fee & HALF month charge for September must be paid upon Registration. Any student registering after September will begin paying for that month moving forward; the Quarter 1 exception  only applies to students registering in September.

School year Tuition is based on the current dance season as a whole (September - May) and includes class instruction and rehearsals/weekend production performances.

Please note: No Refunds or Deductions are given if a student misses in-person or virtual classes for any reason.

Payment Method

All accounts will be set up for auto-pay using our secure studio online partner, ‘Jack Rabbit’ and creating a customer family account portal. Links & Set-Up information will be provided or sent for registration.

All accounts must have a current credit/debit card on file for billing purposes. Tuition is posted to the ‘Jack Rabbit’ family account on the 1st of each month. Auto-pay occurs on the 5th of the month.

You are welcome to go to your Jack Rabbit portal and make tuition payments prior to the 5th of the month.

Until further notice, the Academy will no longer be accepting CASH or paper CHECK Payments.

No Refunds

➙  If for any reason a student fails to take lessons (in-person or virtual) paid for in advance, a credit will be given and those lessons must be used within a period of year after payment. Tuition Rates are not prorated based on the number of classes in a given month. No portion of fees, paid or outstanding is refundable in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from Academy Dance Center.


➙ IMPORTANT: A class will be canceled within the first 6 weeks of the start of fall classes only if there are not enough students registered for that time slot (below 3 students). In this event, students must select another scheduled time slot or comparable style class.

➙  UNLESS ALL TUITION IS PAID IN FULL, a student will NOT be allowed to participate in any annual productions. [This also includes full payment for the Minimum Ticket Purchase Policy or Ticket Exception Policy]


✸ Until further notice, the Academy will no longer be accepting CASH or paper CHECK Payments. In the event CHECK payments resume, a $35.00 service charge will be added for any checks returned to the Academy for NSF. 


LATE FEE: A $35.00 per month additional tuition charge will be made to any account whose tuition is not paid in full (15) days before the end of any quarter or late on monthly payments. The $35.00 penalty will be applied each additional month that the tuition remains delinquent.