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class change policy

If you need to drop or add a class at any time during the year, you will need to complete a "Class Drop/Add Request" Form 

After submitting a "Class Drop/Add" Form online, please contact the Office for confirmation of withdrawal

and/or options for adding a new class

You will continue to be charged for tuition until the drop-add form has been completed. 

Class Drop requests must be completed on or before the 26th of the month in order to stop the

following month's charge & automatic tuition withdrawal. Not showing up for classes, does not

constitute a withdrawal from class. If you are dropping after the 26th of the  month you will be

charged on the 1st of the next month for tuition due. 

[ Please Note: Class changes will not be allowed after Winter Break due to costume ordering.

 Any special requests after December must be discussed with the Director.

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