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Academy Leotards & Merchandise

A special leotard is available for purchase through the studio. Different styles for different age groups are available. We do require this specialized uniform so everyone will be properly dressed. These leotards are available at less than retail price and therefore a savings to everyone. Other merchandise, including tights & tank tops, will be available through the Office and our online shop.

Dress Code Requirements

Dance Shoes


Royal Blue Leotard & Pink Tights as Base

Students may choose to wear the following OVER their base:

- Solid Black or Grey -

Leggings, dance shorts, gym shorts

Academy Brand T-shirts & Tank Tops


Students should wear leotards & tights as their base for any & all rehearsals outside of their regular classes

Optional Items Include:

gym shorts, ballet skirts, tank top, leggings, fitted tops 

NO extra loose or baggy clothing and mesh tops/
leotards midriffs/crop tops should be worn during any Academy rehearsal.

Please use top and bottom cover-ups when in dancewear outside of the dance studio

Hair should be tightly secured and styled away from the face; a neat bun is preferred for JR - SR Classes

Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn in class

  No visible undergarments, only black, white, grey, or blue sports bras permitted

  Absolutely NO T-Shirts, bulky warm-ups, crop tops, mesh tops/mesh cut-out leotards or mid-riffs are to be worn in any class or rehearsal.  

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