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Please fill out the form below and submit prior to attending the audition. If more than (1) dancer in a family is auditioning, each dancer must have a separate completed audition form submitted.

X- In order to Audition, we must have a completed Audition Form submission for each dancer (preferably done no

later than the day before the audition). Paper copies will not be available at the audition. 


  • Be sure to read through the Audition & Team Information for a thorough understanding of guidelines, requirements, & expectations. 

  • Don't forget Team Members must complete the minimum requirements of ADC Summer Participation each summer in order to be eligible for the next season.

2023: Summer Information - CLICK HERE

2023: June Dance Series [June 12 - 27]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 17 - 20]

2024: June Dance Series [June 10 - 25]   &  July Dance Intensive [July 15 - 18]

Audition Results:

☛ Audition Participants will be notified by June 30 – through email, regarding general audition results.  

☛Any other information such as specific company & placement notifications or rehearsal selection & details for the July Learning Sessions will be emailed during the week of July 10.

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