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withdrawal policy

Once registered for a Summer Event or Summer Program, a student is enrolled for the duration of the Event.

In the event of a full withdrawal from the Academy, a Withdrawal Form must be filled out &

submitted through the Academy website.


To close the account for the Summer, ‘Withdrawal’ Forms must be submitted 7 days in advance from the student’s final day of attendance or start of the scheduled event. The account holder is still responsible for paying any remaining account balances in addition to the tuition amount for the next 7 days if the student has attended and/or it has not already been paid.  A student not showing up for summer events does not constitute a full withdrawal.

Unless notified through the online submission form, the account will still be considered open, charged, and we reserve the right to turn over the balance to a collection agency.

Please Note:  If any additional tuition has been paid, it will be transferred to a credit and valid for use within 1-year from the

date of the original payment.

*A separate withdrawal form must be submitted for each student within a Family Account in order to finalize the account closure.

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