Adult Footed Tights

The Adult Footed Tights offer durability and style for the stage! Available in multiple colors according to each student's class costume accessory requirements. Please see previous emails sent regarding 'Accessory Lists' for the Production to correctly identify each color of tights that are needed for your dancer. 

Adult Footed Tights


    Please call (706) 561-8085 to EXCHANGE any pair of tights due to size differences or incorrect colors. No returns or exchanges will be made after Sunday, May 16.


    Tights that are purchased online 24 hours before a dancer's weekly class day/time will be included in their costume bag for  'Costume/Tickets Take Home Day.'

    Starting the week of May 3rd, classes will begin the process of 'Take Home Days' where dancers will take home their individual costume bags & production tickets. (Costume bags will be given out at the end of their regular classes)

    Tights ordered after your student's 'costume take home day' will be given to the student if they return to the studio for any final classes before the show or by calling (706) 561-8085 to schedule a pick-up day and time.